Make the Month of March about Manifesting Magic and Molding a Miracle Mindset

-And About Annoying Alliteration.

.In all seriousness, folks, the time is now. As the crocuses reveal their buds and the sun stays awake a little longer, this is the perfect time to make some changes to experience life in a brand new way. Nature is reminding us that there is indeed a season for everything and this is the season of awakening, of blooming, of becoming, all that we were born to be.

When we lived in NYC, my son’s school was across the street from a community garden and around this time of year, the place would smell horrible because fertilizer had been laid all over the flower bulbs. But come April, this garden tuned into a magical rainbow of thousands of tulips. And I would sit, staring into this floral abyss and think, “wow, sometimes we really have to go through some dark, smelly shit to become beautiful. To become ourselves.”

Thinking on that tulip garden has gotten me through the shit multiple times. I know that the challenges I go through are only being of service, guiding me towards my best self.
And as we are coming out of a pretty foul couple of years, (and are still facing obstacles in this most current one) I invite you to take a deep breath of the smelly air and say, “thanks. I have absorbed all of the nutrients of this fertilizing year. It’s time to reach for the sun and make some magic.”

I want to make this month really special. This is my plan…
Made possible through alliteration.

1.      Meditation Matters.
I am going to be spending time in silence, connecting to God, Nature, the Universe, Source, (whatever you want to call it) through meditation. They say that “prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.” I want to be present to hear the messages and just 5 (but I prefer longer) minutes of mediation will make a huge impact. Place your concerns, hopes, fears, dreams in into the arms of the angels during that time. And if you do it every day, I guarantee a profound shift in peace and serenity.

2.      Miracle Mindset.
What does this mean? Well, for Christians, this is the season of miracle- the death and rising of Jesus. But nature shows us miracles daily with the flight of hummingbirds, the blooming of roses, the rising and setting of the sun. When we look at our world and call it “miraculous” we experience and expect more miracles. What is a “miracle mindset?” It means to believe that anything is possible. Recognize the ordinary as extraordinary- the ocean’s tide , the breath of your sleeping baby, the brain’s ability to think- all miraculous. Solutions to problems are miracles. A Course in Miracles states, “I do not see see the problem and the answer as simultaneous in their occurrence. That is because I do not yet realize that God has placed the answer together with the problem, so that they cannot be separated by time. The Holy Spirit will teach me this, I will let Him. And I will understand the it is impossible that I could have a problem that has not been solved already…the answer to this problem is the miracle it conceals.” Like with our current problems – the Ukraine crisis, Covid, poverty, hunger…what if we looked at these issues KNOWING THE SOLUTION IS BAKED IN?! We begin to see that answers, not problems…life, not death. We see Jesus, not the empty tomb.

3.      Money Magnet
Become a Money Magnet!! Now I know some of y’all might be upset that I mention Jesus and then follow up with “money.” Some believe money is the root of all evil. I grew up with that thought. I went through times in my childhood for feeling guilty for being upper middle class. I thought that I was a sinner because we had two cars in our garage. I later came to believe that God wants us happy and successful and the way the world works today is that we need money to stay safe, healthy, and fed. We need money to live. If you attach the moniker of “evil” on cash, please stop. This belief will keep you from having it. I am a big fan of money for an interesting reason…because it’s the fastest way to see that the Universe really listens. Ask for a twenty dollar bill today and see what happens. Close your eyes and see it in your hands. Thank God for it before you get it then watch it appear! It will come to you very magically.
I’m not saying that you can just sit around wishing for money and it will appear, but I am saying that if you believe that the Universe provides for you, including money, you will see it come to you in more than just your paycheck. I only know this through experience, I called out the exact amount I needed for a bill and it appeared in a refund check in my mailbox the same day.
Money has energy. If you have bad energy around money, you’ll experience difficulties. If you embrace it, love it, enjoy making it, you will be blessed tenfold because you are positively energizing it.
My plan for money in the month of March is to:
50% goes to bills
20% to spending
20% to savings
10% to giving or tithing.
It flows in and out, ebbs and flows. Knowing this…knowing that for every ebb there is a flow, has brought miracles. Feeling helpless in a drought and then minutes later, it’s pouring. Miracle.

One of the best things I did which I believe created my most successful year financially was set up an auto pay monthly for 2 of my favorite charities. Because I was generous, the Universe was generous back to me. I also felt damn good giving to causes I felt passionately about.
I know in my heart that no person, place, or thing is the source of my abundance. God is! So I have no fear when I give.

Every time you see coins on the ground or receive money, repeat, “I am a money magnet. Money is attracted me and I am attracted to it. I give when I receive and receive when I give.”

4.      Magically Manifest
All of those New Year’s Resolutions that have been percolating over the last couple of months, get them down on paper. What are your dreams? What is something on your bucket list? Start putting plans together, start writing about it, praying about it. Begin research, make phone calls. Once you start taking action on your dreams, the Universe sends in the troops. What seems impossible becomes possible, but you  have to be willing to ask. Ask God for help in making your life more magical.

My life is full of serendipity and magic. Want to know why? I demand it. I demand a magical life. I see  that thinking of my friend and seconds later, they call not just as a mere coincidence, but as a magical moment. I see that craving Starbucks and having someone unexpectedly stop by with my favorite latte in tow is a magical moment.  Years ago  when I was needing  a new place to live and had no idea where to start. I asked the Universe to bring me the perfect apartment with the perfect roommate. Hours later, I was on a plane heading to KC to visit my folks. I was seated next to an older gentlemen who wasn’t very chatty, but out of nowhere, randomly mentions that he had just finished visiting his daughter and is pretty sad that she might have to give up her beautiful apartment because her roommate moved out. I told him that I happen to be looking for a place. We exchanged information and I later met his daughter and moved in. I so enjoyed my time in that apartment with that roommate. I have hundreds of stories like this one and I plan on making more.

I ask, the Universe answers.

You try.

5.      Make Memories
This is the month to make memories! Go outside and play. (Without your phone). Play on playgrounds or in your backyard. Go to a concert. Get dressed up just to get ice cream.  Go to a museum with a 4 year old and watch them take it in (or run around without interest.) Let your child pick a recipe and do the shopping together and then tie an apron around his neck and cook. Take yourself on an artist date. Put on music and drive with the windows down. Feel life.

Yes, life can be hard. Yes, it’s filled with challenges. But face those things head on, knowing that the Universe has got your back. You can move through the tough stuff with an army of angels. Just ask.

My plan is to cook more, play more, and sing more this month. Doing things with my boys so we can share the memories. I also plan on saying, “yes” more. As much as I love to binge read or watch, I am making March about braving the wild. Wild as in “outside of my house.” Glennon Doyle says, “the braver I am, the luckier I get.” Since we have the luck of the Irish this month, might be a good time to be a little brave.

One last, thought…March Madness!!!! Since I was 12, this has been my favorite time of year. I love NCAA basketball.  Get with friends. Watch a game. Eat some buffalo wings. Rock Chalk!

Go make March the best month yet. And then share with me stories of miracles and magic on its last day (which happens to be my birthday!) What a gift that will be!

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