Life Coaching Terms & Agreements


As the client, YOU…

-understand that life coaching is not a substitute for therapy, medical treatment/advice, or psychological counseling. 

-accept that the coach (Lark Oxler) is not a trained psychologist, meaning that the coach will not diagnose or treat psychological issues or disorders.

-agree that as the coach, I (Lark Oxler) will provide, to the best of my skills and knowledge, guidance. It is up to the client to do the work.

-acknowledge that I will not be liable legally or otherwise for the actions the client may or may not take based on my suggestions.

-agree that there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise. These services are “at your own risk.”

-take full responsibility for results, or lack thereof.

-acknowledge that if I should suggest websites, reading materials, and/or any other resource, I am doing so without any payment/kickback. I am not endorsing, only offering suggestion. 

-understand that responsibility of actions taken by the client based on such materials is solely that of the client. In no event, shall I, (Lark Oxler) be liable for consequences resulting from the use of the suggested material.

-accept that a 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for both parties. If the client wishes to cancel a session, he/she must do so on 24 hours in advance during which the appointment will be rescheduled. If the client should cancel post the 24 hour period, the client will not be refunded. If I should cancel, the session will be rescheduled and an additional session will be offered at NO COST.

-agree that the coach, Lark Oxler knows one thing for sure…that the client is already amazing.


In the event of a dispute between the Owner and the Operator concerning the interpretation of any provision of life coaching terms & agreements or the performance of any of the terms of Life Coaching Terms & Agreements, such matter or matters in dispute shall be finally settled: –

a. under [the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce];

b. by three arbitrators, one appointed by each Party, and the third, who shall be the chairman, selected by the two appointed arbitrators and failing agreement by the [Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce];

c. the language of the arbitration shall be English; and

d. the place of the arbitration shall be [Kansas].

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