I waited for perfection,

I would never write a word."

Margaret Atwood

The Cozy Coffeehouse

How conversations over coffee have gotten me through the pandemic (and life.) 

What I crave most is one on one,
genuine connection over coffee
with family and friends.
Nothing fancy, just a latte and some laughs.
Or a tea and some tears.
A time and place to feel seen and heard.

- Welcome to such a place -

If something is on your mind and you would like to start a conversation about it,
please leave a note in the comments and I will write a post to start a dialogue.
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The Sandwich Pickle

I am having a sandwich crisis. I recently celebrated a birthday. It was a wonderful day, spent surrounded by love. What does this have to do with my current delicatessen dilemma? I am stuck. Like provolone and salami between a hard roll or PB and J on toasted wheat. I

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Pals!

Ah, amore! Love. Did you know that there are 8 (!) types of love?? According to Dr. Carol Morgan, in an article she wrote for lifehack.org, the Ancient Greeks, a folk fascinated with the universe and all its mysteries, studied one of the greatest mysteries of all – Love. These

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Resolutions Schmedgolutions.

I’d like to tell you all what I really think of New Year’s Resolutions.  They can kiss my I’ve-somehow-determined-I-must-shape-and-define-for-2022-ASS. I believe that this time honored tradition of listing the changes we want to make, proclaiming our resolutions for the new year is designed for failure. Especially, if you live in

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