“Because True Belonging Only Happens

when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

Brene Brown

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You are invited

to discover (or recover)
your authentic self and heart’s desire.
Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and go on this journey with me.

awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not

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Hi. I'm Lark Oxler...

I’m a mom | daughter | friend | coach | coffee lover

Through the ups and downs of my life, one constant has been the magic that happens because of a conversation with a trusted friend, colleague, or even with a total stranger over a cup of coffee. Looking back, these caffeinated moments have created a dot-to-dot, shaping me into who I am. Because of this, I have made conversations over coffee a tenet of my coaching. Speaker seminars and large audience workshops with inspirational thought leaders and coaches can be exhilarating and cause your energy to shift in a positive direction. During these events, you can be so motivated that you can walk on hot coals (literally) but if you do not possess that heightened “I can do anything’ mentality and positive energy authentically, it fades. It becomes almost impossible to maintain post workshop.

what if you’re coached in your own home, doing something you do every day, like drinking coffee (or tea or a smoothie)?

The results you yield during our remote life coach sessions have more potential to become a part of your daily life because, in a sense, they already have.

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"Lark is an amazing listener. I felt heard and accepted on such a deep level. Combined with this profound wisdom she has, her words literally changed my belief in the power of what is possible. It is this belief that manifested some incredible results in all areas of my life."
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Gina L
TV Producer, NYC

Keeping It Simple

Stay Cozy. Be Warm.

These are my two guideposts to living fully and authentically.

Stay Cozy: Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Be Warm: Are you kind to yourself and others?

When you are living truthfully and authentically as who you ARE and not who you think you should be, you become a magnet. You attract the experiences you desire because you are aligned with them. When you treat yourself and others with love and kindness, you create a world that is supportive.

You can contact me directly here

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Welcome to Lark's Cozy Coffeehouse

How Conversations Over Coffee are Getting me Through the Pandemic (and Life).

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The Sandwich Pickle

I am having a sandwich crisis. I recently celebrated a birthday. It was a wonderful day, spent surrounded by love. What does this have to

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Lark Oxler Remote Life Coach

Let’s start a conversation with a complimentary 15 min consultation

Remote Life Coach
Manhattan Miracle Coaching

University of Santa Monica
Masters – Spiritual Psychology

University of Kansas
Marquette University


Cozy Coaching Sessions

Single appointments or Bundle of 4
1 hr. sessions to claim your authentic self and
Manifest your heart’s desire

Coffee & Cards

Coaching + Intuitive Reading

Coaching + a Tarot card reading
1 ½ hr. sessions using intuitive guidance
inspired by Tarot cards.

" I am practical and a realist, which can be an asset, but often limits my ability to dream big enough to explore the seemingly implausible. Lark helps me believe anything is possible, when I can't muster that for myself."
Psychologist, Los Angeles
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